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Buried in Christ...

Between August 11 and October 6, Reach the Nations had the blessing of baptizing five of our Congolese church members. Pastor Bill, along with several other members including Lukozi Pilipili visited the homes of these church members to ensure an understanding of salvation and counsel about baptism.

Since the church meets in the Clarkston Community Center, we have always had to get creative about how and where we do our baptisms. Lately we have been able to borrow a baptismal trough from another local ministry. We filled it up, and the baptisms took place back behind the community center.

We are so excited to welcome these new brothers and sisters into our church body. More than that, we are excited because this is a result of discipleship taking place within the body as well as the attentiveness of our church to what Pastor Bill has been striving to teach and model in his ministry within the church.

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