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Dil, dil, Pakistan! Jaan, jaan, Pakistan

On August 10, Reach the Nations, in partnership with Valleydale Church and First Baptist Church of Stone Mountain was able to host an event in honor of Pakistan and India's independence days. Pakistan celebrates its independence day on August 14, while India's is on August 15. This event was a beautiful time of unity, not just for our church, but for the surrounding community. In attendance of the event were Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, and Congolese. Our Pakistani choir performed, but so did our Congolese choir. Pastor Bill even led in a patriotic American song. The climax of the event was without a doubt when the Pakistanis led everyone in a song,

the lyrics of the chorus to which were Dil, dil, Pakistan! Jaan, jaan, Pakistan--"My heart is Pakistan, my soul is Pakistan". As they sang, the Swahili speakers jumped in, joining them in singing, and dancing in a circle for the duration of the song.

Reach the Nations places great importance, not just in celebrating American holidays with

our newest residents, but also celebrating the holidays of other nations. The vision of our church is not simply to include others in what we are already doing, but to celebrate those belonging to every nation and to honor what it is that makes them unique in the kingdom. It is our hope to continue hosting events like this one in the future, and we are always looking

for hands to help us do it. If you or anyone you know might be interested in serving with us in this capacity, please reach out to us through the team interest form at If you have questions, feel free to contact us at

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