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RTN is completely supported by donations, tithes, and offerings.  Here is a list of things that you can give towards at RTN!  To pay your tithe or give a donation to a specific staff member or ministry make sure and let us know the name of the staff member or ministry in the purpose section of the donation page:  i.e. "John Doe", "Missions", "General Donation", "Tithe".   Thanks for supporting our ministry!  


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Tithe/General Donations

Tithe and general donations go toward benevolence ministries, outreach events, ESL, van ministry, as well as administrative and operational cost.

Support Staff

Support Staff have helped make RTN what it is today.  Support staff includes interns, admin assistants, and self-supported missionaries.  To see a list of support staff and what they do, click here!

Global Missions

Missions is the heartbeat of RTN!  We exist, study, preach, disciple, and give to take the gospel to reach all people!   Donations to the missions  ministry assist us with mission training events, scholarships for short-term trips, temporary help for needy families, and language materials needed to finish the task of seeing all peoples come to Christ!

Children's Ministry

The children are literally the future for RTN.  As our vision is raise up bi-lingual and bi-cultural disciples to take the gospel back to unengaged homelands, your gifts to our children's ministry help us fulfill what God has put on our hearts!  Our children come from war torn countries and many have grown up in fear.  Help us restore them in Christ and give them a new outlook on how much God loves them!


If you would like to donate goods please see the following document. Thanks! 

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